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    Paragliding, Paramotor flying & Training

    All the equipments have DHV/ISO Certification. All the Gliders are rated for student use. For the training we pick the perfect locations around Sri Lanka and most optimal weather depending on the time of year. We offer Para Gliding Introductory courses which comprise of a theory exercise and either a day on the training slope. All equipments are supplied as well as light refreshments. Further we offer Powered Para Glider training. Students are required to follow ten days PP1 Syllabus with a highly qualified Instructor. A few things you can expect to learn.

      Complete understanding of the equipment.
      Parts of the Para Glider - What they do and why.
      Proper Harness use for safety and comfort.
      Forward launch techniques for various wind conditions.
      Reverse launch techniques for various wind conditions.
      Inflation of the Para Glider and Ground handling basics.
      Switching from Reverse to Forward position
      Weight shift and Glider deflation methods.
      Safety techniques for low and high wind safety.
      Mastering flight without ever leaving the ground.
      In-flight harness and weight shift adjustment methods.
      Preflight safety inspection.
      Care and up keep of the Para Glider.
      Applicable Laws and Regulations.
      Turnings and Landing procedures.

    Additionally Powered Para glider trainees have to under go

      Engine warm up.
      Basic machine maintenance.
      Throttle adjustment.
      Stimulated forward and reverse launching with weight on back.
      Powered launching simulation for first off ground experience.